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  Lake Shasta provides an abundance of recreational opportunities from Resort Marinas, relaxing on the water on a newly rented houseboat, even fishing on the banks and so much more. The more you discover about the Lake Shasta area the more you will find it one the best recreational areas in California.

To get to know the Lake Shasta area see links below or click on an area of interest on the Shasta Lake Map.


Lake Shasta Map

Ranger Station & Visitor Center Bridge Bay Resort Shasta Marina Resort Sugarloaf Resort Marina Silverthorn Resort Marina Digger Bay Marina Jone Valley Resort Holiday Harbor Antlers Resort and Marina Lakehead Lodge Lakehead Campgrounds and RV Park Antlers RV Park and Campground Neu Lodge Motel Antlers Boat Ramp Antlers Campground Grogory Creek Campground Cascade Cove Cabin Resort McClould Bridge Campground Samwel Cave Trail Pine Point Campground Ellery Creek Campground Hirz Mountain Lookout Moore Creek Campground Lakeshore Inn and RV Shasta Lake RV Resort Shasta Lake Motel Lakeshore East Campground Tsasdi Resort Sugarloaf Cottages Resort Sugarloaf Creek Trail Dekkas Rock Trail Hirz Trail Dekkas Rock Campground Hirz Bay Boat Ramp Hirz Bay Campground Nelson Point Campground Sugarloaf Boat Ramp Lower Salt Creek Campgrounds Salt Creek Resort and RV Park Greens Creek Campground Lakeview Resort Marina O'Brien Mountain Inn (B&B) Bailey Cove Trail Packer Bay Trail John Steiners Shasta Watersports Center Bailey Cove Boat Ramp Bailey Cove Campground Packer Bay Marina Shasta Lake Dinner Cruise Shasta Caverns Potem Falls Trail Packers Bay Boat Ramp Ski Island Campground Arbuckle Flat Campground Jones Valley Boat Ramp Dry Creek Trail Shasta Dam Fishermans Point Trail Fawndale Lodge and Resort Fawndale Oaks RV Park Jonesvalley Inlet Campground Mariners Point Campround Bear Mountain RV Resort and Campground Shasta Campground Coram Ranch Centimudi Boat Ramp Shasta Dam Motel Mountain Gate RV Park Shasta Lake City Hall Chappie - Shasta OHV Recreational Area Clikapudi Trail Lower Jones Valley Campgrounds Upper Jones Valley Campground Lake Shasta Map


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